CTED is a research center at New York University Abu Dhabi that focuses on the development of innovative and cutting edge technologies that can significantly impact economic development with a specific focus on problems faced in under-developed areas around the world. CTED is headquartered in Abu Dhabi with branches in New York, Accra, and also soon in Addis Ababa.

CTED houses several research projects that aim to tackle a wide range of developmental problems across five areas including food and water, healthcare, financial access, energy, and education. Some of the specific ongoing research activities include: (a) Rural financial services; (b) Mobile market information systems; (c) Affordable solar energy platforms; (d) Low-cost rural wireless communications; (e) Next-generation mobile healthcare tools. The Center not only produces high quality research in the respective disciplinary fields, but also develops new ideas with big impacts for the poor and possible spinoffs in startups and licensing agreements. CTED projects have been pilot-tested in many countries in Asia, Africa, America, and the Middle East in partnership with several organizations in the individual countries.

The Center relies on the broad multi-disciplinary expertise already available at New York University Abu Dhabi, New York University and NYU Polytechnic Institute in economics and economic development, foreign policy, management, micro-finance, politics, computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, physics, chemistry, material science and engineering. CTED works closely with NYU Africa House, the Development Research Institute and the NYU CATER Lab.