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On My Way to Abu Dhabi


I am on my way to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE – the United Arab Emirates.   Earlier today in New York I spoke to a Nigerian worker at a bank who thought Dubai was a country and Abu Dhabi its capital – just to show how this country, formed in 1971, and particularly […]

Ghana’s Currency Tumbles


Ghana’s Currency Tumbles – by Yaw Nyarko The value of the Ghanaian cedi has taken a somewhat big hit recently, measuring a decline of 8% against the dollar in January, and continuing in its downward trend with a 1.2 percentage point decline in the past several days (See below, Chart from Within days of the […]

Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange


I teach a Principles of Microeconomics course during the fall semester at NYU in Abu Dhabi.  One of the more popular parts of the class is our trip to the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (ADX), which is just a few blocks from our campus in Abu Dhabi.  This is the photograph of my students, with […]