UjU: SMS-based Mobile Applications Made Easy

UjU: SMS-based Mobile Applications Made Easy, Wei-Chih, L., Tierney, M., Chen, J., Kazi, F., Hubard, A., Pasquel, J., Subramanian, L., Rao, B. (2010). In Proceedings of the 1st ACM Symposium on Computing for Development, DEV 2010.

A significant fraction of mobile users in the rural developing world use low-end mobile devices and have restricted data connectivity services due to a variety of economic factors…The penetration of mobile information services in rural areas has largely been limited especially since all applications are operator controlled and very few applications have been adopted on a large scale…This paper presents the design and implementation of UjU, a mobile platform that enables users to develop new SMS-based mobile applications on top of a common platform…

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