TroTro: Web Browsing and User Interfaces in Rural Ghana

TroTro: Web Browsing and User Interfaces in Rural Ghana, Li, L. D., & Chen, J. (2013, December). In Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development: Full Papers-Volume 1, 185-194. ACM.

The quality of Internet connections around the world is extremely varied and very poor in rural areas despite high enthusiasm and investment of resources in computers. This study focuses on Internet users at schools and Internet cafés in rural Ghana…In our study we found that beyond connectivity, the lack of computer knowledge, poor usability of web interfaces, and “foreignization” of technology compounded the problem. To improve web access in these contexts, we designed TroTro, a browsing system that maintains a usable experience despite fluctuating connectivity and a wide range of user expertise.

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